Engines, Inc. is an industry leader in plate processing. In addition to several CNC Plasma/Burning machines, which process plate up to 240″ X 960″ X 8″, Engines. Inc. offers the fastest and most economical production method, Punch/Plasma. Punch/Plasma fabricating centers provide economy for lowest cost, high quality parts, and flexibility to provide a variety of features not possible with other processes. Easily creates features such as countersinks, louvers, tread plate, dimples, beads, and part markings without secondary operations. The ability to process blank sizes up to 120″ X 480″ X 1″ provides high throughput for maximizing efficiency. 


Engines, Inc. bending and forming capabilities offer our customers reliability and precision accuracy for their formed parts. Our top quality line up of hydraulic press brakes, each with programmable controls and precision gauging, provide high repeat accuracies. Part size is no problem as we offer press brakes up to 1,250 tons and 240″ in length. Engines, Inc. bending capacities provide opportunities for eliminating some secondary operations especially welding when multiple bends can be performed in a large capacity press brake.

Completing our forming capabilities, Engines, Inc. provides cylindrical forming of sheet and plate as well as structural shapes. Engines, Inc. is capable of rolling plate up to 5/8″ X 120″. Providing even greater flexibility, Engines, Inc. offers forming structural shapes including beams, angle, channel, tubing, pipe, etc.